Our Coaches

Chris Morales

Head Coach - Yellow - Marathon

Having joined KatyFit in 2011 I have completed 2 Marathons, several 1/2 Marathons as well as a mix of 5 and 10k’s. I first got back into running to achieve my goal of finishing a full marathon. I could never get the time or motivation to get all the training in I needed to help achieve that goal. I joined KatyFit through a recommendation of a friend (and fellow KatyFit member) and I was not only able to achieve my goal to complete a marathon, but also¬†increase my fitness, health and confidence in all aspects of life. The next step for me was to help coach others to help them realize and achieve their goals in running which spills over to everyday life. So I look forward to this year’s season and being apart of helping many others complete their marathon goals whether it be their first or twenty-first and forge new friendships and memories along the way!