Running Program

The general format of Katy FIT is as follows:

  • Each Saturday morning, we’ll do an organized group run with runners whose training pace is similar to yours. Groups are broken up into the following designations:
      • Blue/Green
      • Yellow
      • Red
      • Half Marathon
  • After Saturday’s long run, members will hear a seminar on running-related fundamentals. Topics will include proper hydration, stretching, running gear, and more.
  • Before each weekend training run, each color group will spend plenty of time discussing the day’s goals.
  • A schedule of training runs to be completed each week on your own, or if you choose, with other members of your color group.
  • About 10 weeks into the program (once the group has built a sufficient training base to handle speed work safely and comfortably) we’ll begin organized weekly speed-training sessions.